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    Simple. Universal. Flexible.

    The product configurator by justSelling is a smart idea. It offers the possibility to sell even complex products within an automized and cloud based configuration solution in your existing webshop, with out any extensive technical knowledge.

    The Product-Configurator from the Cloud

    Classic webshop- and content management- systems are ofter overstrained when it comes to customization and adjustments of complex products. Thus the product configurator provides an innovative approach, while all functionalities that are necessary to configure products are made available due to the high performance cloud service. The fact that the configurator can be integrated in to almost all common shop-systems, enables the user to have a high flexibility which has not been existent on the market before.

    Functions at a glance

    Many different input types
    Select, Multiselect, Checkbox (also multiple checkboxes possible), radio buttons, multiselect with quantities, list with images (inline-, overlay-, collapse-presentation), small textfield (input), large textfield (area), static field (HTML content), product attribute, simple combination, formula, price list/-matrix, save-button. Addiotnally available within the ultimate edition: webservice, file upload und charts.
    Option groups
    With option groups you are able to group options. The option groups can be used to navigate through the integrated wizard functionality or generally to have a grouped presentation of options in a horizontal or vertical format. For every option group there is a title, an additional information tab (HTML), a option group image and visibility that can be determined.
    Option settings
    For every option there are the following settings available: title and ID, visibility (frontend, backend etc.), mandatory field, sequence, individual CSS class (enables individual layout adjustments), option images, validation of input, part-SKU, default values, placeholders, information and additional information. Depended on the specific option type, there can be additional settings available.
    Input type that has a predefined amount of selectable optionvalues. For every selection there is a title, an ID, an additonal price, a part-SKU, the sequence, an image and a thumbnail image plus additonal information (HTML) that can be defined. Selections can also be grouped additonally. The group is visible in the frontend.
    Combined product image
    With the combined product image, your customer always has his configured product right in his sight. The image is dynamically generated in real time due to a layer technology. Therefore you upload a partial view for every option value in the system. Due to our webshoplugins the image can also be displayed in the cart and in the final customer order itself. In addition to a 2D view, there is also a 360 degree / 3D view available
    Responsive - Mobile ready
    The product configurator uses modern responsive technology and can not only be displayed on a desktop pc with a respectively big screen , but also on mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. Specific adjustments are not necessary. Classic look & feel adjustments are always possible using CSS technology.
    Within the configuration it is possible to define any number of rules. There are rules to hide options and combinations, rules to set minimum and maximum values and also default values for predefining specific options and configurations in dependence from other values. The condition for the rule is set by the rule editor that is also able to define and- & then- links and option-nesting.
    The input type formula enables you to integrate simple and complex calculations, as well as logics and dependencies. Within a formula it is possible to access the values and additional prices from other options of the configurator. These formulas are build with javaScript code and therefore allow to apply full javaScript functionality.
    All texts, labels and information can be deposited in any number of languages within the configurator. Thus the templates of the configurator can be applied in multiple languages within a webshop or website. The actuation of the respective language takes place automatically due to the applied language in the browser.
    Global settings
    Within the settings you define the default language and the default currency (that is used for the entered prices in the configurator). The CSV-separation, taxes (gross or net) and the default tax rate (if gross prices are deposited). Additionally you set the language that you want to operate with in the interface.
    Comfort functionalities within an editor
    The editor contains a lot of functionalities that facilitate the daily work. Options and templates can be duplicated. The sequence of options and option groups can be set by drag & drop. Formulas can be edited in a full size code editor. Functionalities are equipped with a tooltip explanation and furthermore the integrated online help accesses the extended documentation.
    Excel / CSV import
    You determine the prices for your products with the help of a predefined price list - like its usual in the window or sunscreen industry. With our configurator you are able to simply import the excel csv-file into the configuration template. The prices are then taken out of the price list according to the previous selection, height and width for example, to use them for the price calculation in real time.
    There are already integration modules available for the configurator. At this time we have the following available: Magento 1 and Magento 2, Shopware and WooCommerce. Available near term: OXID e-sales, Wordpress, TYPO3, Jimdo and also other CMS can easily be integrated with the HTML- snippet. (These are non-binding plans)
    Rest / JSON API
    Due to our API our configurator can be integrated seamless into your IT infrastructure. Just import the options and selections out of your ERP-system, if the data is already managed there. The API enables you to import and edit options, selections and rules. Especially when it comes to hundreds or thousands of variants, there are all prerequisites available for a comfortable maintenance of the base data.

    The justSelling product configurator cloud

    Using the product-configurator enables you to sell or just represent complex products in your own webshop. Our industry independent solution allows you to do price calculations, dependent options, rules, graphical representation of configured products and many other product individualizations. If you also offer products that are not suitable to classic webshop solutions or CMS, the product-configurator is definitely the right cloud-application for you! Trust in the market leader with more than 500 installations worldwide.

    See for your self and test the product-configurator 14 days for free! Choose the edition that fits best to your needs and get started in less than a few minutes.


    Over 500 enthusiastic customers worldwide use product configurators made by justSelling

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    What our customers say about us

    Markus Freitag, CIO Hagemeyer Germany

    Markus Freitag
    "It is unbelievable how fast and simple we could integrate and set up our sales supporting tool for LED-products with the justSelling product configurator."

    Dr. Rupert Deger, CIO e.GO Mobile AG

    Rupert Deger
    "The product configurator for our electrically driven cart was implemented by justSelling agil, fast and very professionally. This makes projects fun!"

    The product configurator as SaaS application

    Our products are hosted on a cloud server as SaaS (Software as a Service) application. This situation has clear advantages:


    Total Cost of Ownership

    The total costs are lower significantly. Consultants of McKinsey found out that the actual costs are 30% lower than in projects where no cloud application is used.


    Small investments

    Small investment effort, the installation of additional software is not necessary. The solution is made available in the least amount of time, especially in comparison to a solution that is hosted individually.


    High security

    SaaS solutions are continuously updated. The high number of users provides security: SaaS also stands for the “one to many approach“, which means that the technique that the solution is based on, is also used by hundreds of other companies.

    Highest security for cloud applications - Data storage only in Germany

    If you choose justSelling, you can be sure that your data is not stored somewhere abroad. All your data is exclusively stored in high secure data centers here in Germany. Thus you are secure due to the german data-protection-law - one of the strictest in the world.


    Also the TÜV is convinced of the quality and security of the data centers we use. We are proud to have the desirable ISO 27001 (7799 formerly) TÜV certification for outstanding availability and security for all services in the data centers. The certification also includes several security actions in the IT infrastructure itself, in the secondary equitment and in the process-chain.

    TÜV ISO 27001 zertifiziertes Rechenzentrum

    Ideal for many use cases

    Webshop for B2C or B2B, marketplaces, website and product catalogues, sales tools on desktop or tablet. Thanks to the independent architecture, as well as its sector and system independence, our configurator is ideal for all use cases and web configurations.

    Web Configurator Webshop Sales Support Price Calculator In-Store Configurator

    The right solution for many industries

    The product configurator can be used in almost every industry-sector. We created some examples from several industry-sectors, in order to give you a better understanding about the features and possibilities of the configurator. If you can not find a suitable example, just ask us! We are looking forward to discuss how you can efficiently offer your products in your own webshop.

    Take a look at our industry-dependent examples
    Die richtige Lösung für viele Branchen

    Professional support

    As part of the product support, our tech-experts will advice you in case of problems or questions.


    The current product documentation is available online and at any time.

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